Legalisation Service

Legalisation, which is also called "authentication" or "attestation", is the certification of your document by an foreign consulate so it will be recognised in the country of that consulate and allows documents issued in one country to be used in another.

Generally speaking, for legalisation, all countries' consulates require "Apostille" on your document. If you haven't arranged it, we can obtain these from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on your behalf.

For some countries, the apostille is enough for you to use the document in these countries. In others, such as China, UAE and etc, your document which contain the apostille needs to be further legalised by their consulates. The find out what you need to do, please select follow country where you need to use your document

Depending on your needs, we can visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to obtain an apostille and then get the documents legalised at the foreign embassy on your behalf.