Legalisation Service - Taiwan

Generally speaking, to use a UK document in Taiwan, the document needs to be legalised by Taiwan embassy in the UK.

What you should be aware of

  • Degree certificate requests verfiication which takes longer time and costs more fee. Please email us a copy of your degree certificate for processing times and fees;
  • Documents issued from northern Britain (north of Durham, Cumbria, and Scotland) and the Isle of Man can only be legalised at the Taiwan embassy office in Edinburgh. Please contact us for processing times and fees;
  • Birth certificate must carry both parents names on the document.



£79 / £88

per documentation

incl. Embassy charges

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Apostille + Legalisation


£139 / £218

per documentation

incl. FCO & Embassy charges

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Apostille + Legalisation

(incl. Solicitor Certification)

£151 / £233

per documentation

incl. Solicitor, FCO & Embassy charges

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What's an Apostille?


An "Apostille" is a sticker provided by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) which confirms that a signature, stamp or seal (on your document) is from a UK public official (including solicitors) or that a document is from a UK public body.

In order to legalise a document, the embassy will need to see the apostille affixed on your documentation. If you haven't arranged for your document to be apostilled, we can obtain these from the UK FCO on your behalf.

Solicitor Certification (required for an Apostille)


If your document does not contain the signature, stamp or seal of a UK public official, it needs to be certified by a UK solicitor before being apostilled. We can provide the solicitor certification service for you at a competitive price.

*Please note that solicitor certification is NOT a witness service. If you have a document, such as Power of Attorney which requests a witness to your signature, then you should visit your local solicitor or notary public office to arrange it before sending the document to us for apostille.

These documents DO NOT need solicitor certification for an apostille:

Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Civil Partnership certfiicate, Certificate of No Impediment (CNI), The Letter of No Trace, Death certificate, ACRO/NPCC/ICPC certificate, Decree Absolute with original wet stamp, Court documents with original wet stamp, Certificate of residence (HMRC), and other documents which have been signed by a UK public official.

These documents need a solicitor certification for an apostille:

Passport, Driving licence, Degree certificate, Transcript, GCSE result, Qualification certificates, School Report, TEFL certificate, DBS check, Scotland Disclosure, Access NI, HMRC document, P60, DWP Letter, Pension letter, HMPO document, Bank statement, Deed Poll, Naturalisation certificate, Electronic document, Employment letter, Enrollment letter, Translation, Utility bill, Certificate of Incorporation.